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Optronics Co., Ltd. was founded as publisher of Optronics magazine in 1982 and is contributing to the promotion of international business related to optics and other fields of leading edge technology as well as international goodwill. We are effectively serving all of our customers from the standpoint of the information service business, taking advantage of a diverse network of human resources with our long experience in this growing industry.
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OPIC 2020
Optics & Photonics International Congress
4/20/2020 - 4/24/2020
Lens Expo 2020
Exhibition dedicated specifically to lens design and manufacturing
4/22/2020 - 4/24/2020
Japan International Laser Expo
4/22/2020 - 4/24/2020
OPIE 2020
Optics & Photonics International Exhibition
4/22/2020 - 4/24/2020
OPIC 2021
Optics & Photonics International Congress

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