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Zhenwei Exhibition founded in 2000. It was evaluated as one of the top ten influential exhibition organizations of China In 2006. Zhen Wei Group was selected as one of the top ten exhibition companies in 2007. It was evaluated as an exhibition company having the most development potential in China in 2008. Zhenwei Exhibition is the Deputy-Chairman Enterprise of China Convention & Exhibition Society and has been a member of the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI) .
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CIBES Xian 2020
17th China Xi'an International Energy-Saving & Advanced Building Materials Exhibition
7/10/2020 - 7/12/2020
CNHE Xian 2020
25th China (Xi'an) International Exhibition on Heat & Warm Supply & HVAC Technological Equipments
7/10/2020 - 7/12/2020
CIRE 2020
China (Tianjin) International Industrial robots Exhibition
7/31/2020 - 8/3/2020
Tianjin CIEX 2020
16th China (Tianjin) International Industrial Expo
7/31/2020 - 8/3/2020
CIAI 2020
China (Tianjin) Internaitonal Industry Automation Technology & Equipment Exhibition
7/31/2020 - 8/3/2020

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