IEEE Robotic Computing 2019 IEEE Robotic Computing 2019 10 days
3rd IEEE International Conference on Robotic Computing (IRC)
2/25/2019 - 2/27/2019
Venue: Centro Congressi Federico II via Partenope, Naples, Italy
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The 3rd IEEE International Conference on Robotic Computing will be held at the Federico II Congress Center in Naples, Italy from 25-27 February 2019. The boundaries between Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotics are continuing to be softened. On one hand computers are continuing to be humanized and a large number of cyber-physical systems are being developed to act upon the physical world. On the other hand the robotic community is looking into the robots of the 21st century that are versatile computing machines with high social impact potential, such as enhance transportation safety, reduce agricultural pesticide use, and improve public safety and crime-fighting efficacy, among other things. The barriers that restrain their diffusion significantly correlate to the complexity of developing their software control systems, which must be reliable, maintainable, intelligent, and safe.

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