Guangzhou Bearing Expo 2018 Guangzhou Bearing Expo 2018 14 days
China (Guangzhou) Internatinal Bearing and Equipment Exhibition
6/6/2018 - 6/8/2018
Venue: China Import & Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou, China
Please note ! All dates are subject to changes.
Concurrent Expo: Guangzhou Metal & Metallurgy 2018 - 19th GuangzhouInternational Metal & Metallurgy Exhibition
Rooted in the South China market, involved in the forefront of world science and technology manufacturing, "2017 Guangzhou International bearing and equipment exhibition for domestic bearing manufacturing enterprises to build, will be held in Guangzhou -China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex on June 12-14, 2017, we invited purchasing groups in many countries when meeting the visit to discuss cooperation! Exhibition area is expected to reach 30000 square meters. Take a panoramic view around the world, this exhibition will play an important role & bring great business opportunities again. Hope vendors & visitors could catch this great opportunity to win a good year.


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Guangzhou Bearing Expo 20192019-6 Guangzhou, China
China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex
No. 380 Yuejiang Zhong Road, Guangzhou
Tel: +86-020-28-888-999
Guangzhou Julang Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Room 3A04-3A06,Building A1, Xinghui Park,Huaming Road 29,Pearl River New City, Guangzhou
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Guangzhou Bearing Expo 20176/28/2017 - 6/30/2017 Guangzhou, China

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